Xin Xing Territories

Designation: country
Common Races: half-elf, halfling, harpy, human, suli, tengu, tiefling
Common Classes: beguiler, cleric, hexblade, shadowcaster, rogue, sorcerer, warlock, witch
Capital City: Dàlèi Hàn
Military: Nèiquan, Shadow Fist
People of Note: Defu Meng

The northwest fifth or so of the Republic of Kuniko is in the process of secession. Known as the Xin Xing Territories, this area is the oft forgotten slums of Kuniko. Unlike Kuniko, Xin Xing has only one major city, Dàlèi Hàn, and while the rest of the nation enjoys a largely prosperous existence, the wealth just isn’t enough to go around, and Xin Xing—the most recent addition to the Stratoscape, only a hundred or so years old—has scraped the bottom of the barrel for too long. Under the leadership of recently elected Defu Meng, Xin Xing has finally declared independence and has been gearing up to deal with the consequences.

Dàlèi Hàn

Shadow Fist Cadet

Xin Xing Territories

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