Watan Waste

Designation: region
Common Races: genie, half-giant, gnoll, human, lizardfolk, suli, tengu
Common Classes: antipaladin, barbarian, fighter, oracle, ranger, scout

The Watan Waste is an immense desert with few major civilizations, populated primarily by nomadic tribes, with a few stable networks of towns at its outskirts and one major metropolis, Samaabab, at its center. There are black-out zones underneath the major cities of the Stratoscape, shifting locations based on the time of day—and these areas are both cold and dark—but the climate otherwise is hot, dry, and sunny most of the year. Beside the nomads, and roving bands of sand-pirates, the desert is home to a variety of dinosaurs, but little else of any import.


Dinosaur Rider

Watan Waste

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