Vita and Sembro

Vita and Sembro are Eqtis’s gods of nature; Vita of life and the terrestrial, Sembro of the atmospheric elements.

Alignment: N
Domains: Air (Sembro), Animal (Vita), Earth (Vita), Fire (Sembro), Plant (Vita), Repose (both), Water (Sembro)
Favoured Weapon: light hammer (Sembro) (Core Rulebook, pg. 142), sickle (Vita) (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Wild Acrobats
Symbol: two wolves dancing in a circle; one made of leaves and vines, the other made of fire and lightning.

Vita appears as a human girl in her early teens with long green hair and yellow eyes, dressed in leaves that change colour with the seasons. Sembro appears as a human boy of the same age, wrapped in crackling electricity with hair made of flames.

Vita and Sembro are worshiped all over Eqtis by those who hold the natural world in high regard, such as druids and rangers. There are few organized worshipers of the twins and there is only one known temple devoted to the pair, known as the Temple of Dusk and Dawn, located a few miles outside of the city of Baltis.

When Aning first arrived on Eqtis she was fearful of the Hethish gods and kept herself hidden. After Sensou seemed to lose interest in their love affair, she grew worried that she might be discovered and conspired to give birth to an ally. At the time, there was a great hero known as Altrean who went about the land, slaying the undead and championing individual liberties. Aning recognized the power inherent in Altrean and went to him one night disguised as his wife. She tricked him into laying with her and she grew pregnant with the seed of his individualism. Altrean continued to seek adventure, never knowing what had happened, and Aning retreated to safety so she could rear her child in secret from Sensou and the Hethish gods. The seed of Altrean was stronger than she had predicted, and the child was a beacon of independence, not only from the Hethish forces, but from Aning herself. It grew from infancy to young adulthood in mere days, and immediately began demonstrating its power. Aning knew that its raucous activity would simply draw more attention to her, and that her child was just as likely to strike her down as to protect her from the other gods, so she strangled it with her flail, accidentally slicing it in twain—giving rise to Vita and Sembro.

Vita and Sembro lived alone in the wilds for many years and their only followers were the people that wandered the wastes and revered nature. They would appear to such people on stormy nights or on strange beautiful sunrises and tell them that the worship of nature was not without its rewards. So while their followers were few and widespread, those few had great power. After the fall of the Hethish gods, Vita and Sembro felt it was time to make their presence felt throughout Eqtis and they gathered up all of their faithful and set them to the task of building their great temple, the Temple of Dusk and Dawn. The earth itself rose up to be its foundation, and the forests nearby moved to the location and offered themselves up to be its timbers. A great lightning storm arose during its construction, creating its windows. The temple was built over the period of one month, with most of the construction happening at dusk and dawn. Then just as quickly as they arrived, the faithful of the twins dispersed again—leaving just one priest behind to watch the temple.

Vita and Sembro protect the natural world in all its forms. Vita is the goddess of the land and all its plants and creatures that live on it. Sembro is the god of the elements and primal forces. While they are certainly different in many ways and are occasionally in conflict, it is clear that neither would be much without the other. Vita relies on Sembro to provide change in the world, and Sembro relies on Vita to provide a purpose for his actions—he knows that without her all his primordial might would be wasted on nothingness. They will align themselves with any who revere nature and primal forces, regardless of personal ethos.

Vita and Sembro

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