Tolston Collective

Designation: country
Common Races: dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human
Common Classes: alchemist, bard, cavalier, cleric, druid, factotum, monk, ranger, scout

The Tolston Collective is a collection of eighty-four towns, villages, and small cities that find themselves under the rule of the royal family of Halred. The members of the royal family are devout worshipers of Altrean, and so they rule the land quite leniently. The only real interaction that each individual town has with the main government is the payment of taxes to support the joint military, and the resolution process when they have unfriendly relations with another town inside the Collective. Most of the towns in the Collective are not fond of their neighbours, but as long as they stay over there, they don’t mind them existing. (And of course, gossip about how bad they are is incredibly prized.)

476 years ago, there was no such thing as the Tolston Collective. All that existed was a bunch of independent towns. These towns were rather isolated, with some in or around the Forest of the Fae, so they were relatively untouched. Occasionally they quarreled with each other and there were threats that they were to be taken over by other civilizations, but there was overall peace. Then came the Maroon Mages.

The Maroon Mages were a group of wizards who decided that they should unite all these small towns under arcane might. They flew from town to town, eliminating their defenses and bringing them under their grasp. They would have succeeded too, if it weren’t for Altrean. He saw what was going on and battled the Mages. The Mages weren’t equipped for dealing with a god, and quickly ran away.

Afterwards, Altrean realized that these towns needed some structure, but structure that would respect the way that each town chose to run itself. Thus, he used his divine right to set up a king in the Tolston Collective. However, the area was forever scarred from the arcane attack. and the area developed an anti-arcane bias.

Dan Beard
Great and Awesome City of Marsaz

Aspiring Alchemist
Controlled Alchemist
Professional Adventurer
Stealthy Spellcaster
Tolston Military Veteran

Tolston Collective

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