Tokai is the Stratoscape’s goddess of civilization, society, and research.

Alignment: LN
Domains: Community, Knowledge, Nobility
Favoured Weapon: longspear (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Sapient
Symbol: a book within a cog

Tokai is depicted as a massive clockwork ape, staffed entirely by tiny people (primarily elves and humans, with a few dwarves, gnomes, and halflings) busily operating her machinery from exposed compartments throughout her body. The tiny folk who live within her share a single mind and purpose. They are an integral part of the machine that makes up her frame and together they form her whole.

Tokai’s followers are many throughout Hulum, primarily dwelling in the urban environment of the Stratoscape. Tokai’s teachings emphasize the importance of city life, community, and an enlightened existence. The parts of the machine encompass the whole, and everyone must work together to accomplish society’s goals.


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