Teztu is the Hethish god of war, defense, tactics, and resolve

Alignment: LN
Domains: Law, Protection, Strength, War
Favoured Weapon: macuahuitl (wooden sword with obsidian blades along it’s length; treat as bastard sword) (Core Rulebook, pg. 143)
Nicknames: the Stone Jaguar
Symbol: a stylized jaguar made of obsidian with green gems for eyes

Teztu appears as a man with the head and claws of a jaguar. His teeth and claws are made of obsidian, and he carries the traditional weapons and armour of the Hethish people.

As a god of strategy and determination Teztu teaches his followers to be aggressive and put their enemy on the back foot, as the best defense is a strong offense. Cowardice and surrender are abhorrent to Teztu, and as such his followers will kill any who surrender in combat or run away. It was not uncommon for followers of Teztu to spare the lives of enemies who fought with skill and bravery, even going so far as to heal the dying and nurse them back to health.


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