Tarikh is Lower Hulum’s god of time, corruption, and sabotage.

Alignment: LE
Domains: Evil, Law, Time
Favoured Weapon: trident (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Wandering Hour
Symbol: a cracked hourglass

Tarikh is depicted as a faceless gray-skinned humanoid with the image of a spinning hourglass on the palm of each hand. He appears naked and completely hairless, with indistinct anatomy and no visible means of sight or speech.

Tarikh’s followers are primarily politicans and business-men who worship in private, though all citizens of Hulum fear and respect the passage of time—and with it, Tarikh’s influence. While never intentionally cruel, his will sows bitterness and indifference, and it is a process most carefully constructed.


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