Table of Gods

Titans of Eqtis

Deity AL Portfolios Domains Inquisitions Favored Weapon
Altrean LG God of choice, community, individual rights Artifice, Community, Protection, Sun, Travel XXX glaive
Handrick One-Hand NG God of serendipity, patronage, good Good, Liberation, Luck, Madness, Nobility XXX dart
Sembro N God of nature, atmospheric elements Air, Fire, Repose, Water XXX light hammer
Vita N Goddess of nature, life, the terrestrial Animal, Earth, Plant, Repose XXX sickle
Sensou CN God of chaos, subversion, and power Chaos, Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, War XXX bill
Đåk’fölg’gn’nß LE God of laws, negotiation, compensation Charm, Darkness, Evil, Healing, Law XXX unarmed strike or spiked gauntlet
Aning CE Goddess of prophecy, hunting, death Death, Rune, Strength, Trickery, Weather XXX flail

Other Gods and Goddesses

Deity AL Portfolios Domains Inquisitions Favored Weapon
Alhyah LG Lower Hulum’s goddess of jungles, rivers, interconnectivity Healing, Plant, Water XXX battle aspergillum
Maenar LG Tolston’s god of dwarven athletics and competition Strength, War, Earth XXX dwarven urgosh
Masukai NG The Stratoscape’s god of spellcraft, mental illness, expansion of the mind Madness, Magic, Rune XXX quarterstaff
Peresthelnal NG Tolston’s god of traveling bards Glory, Good, Travel XXX whip
Qaadim CG Lower Hulum’s god of nomads, independence, armed resistance Earth, Liberation, Travel XXX bec de corbin
Y CG Tolston’s god of the fae and the forest Animal, Charm, Trickery XXX Rapier
Arancian LN Tolston’s god of elven communities and culture Community, Nobility, Law XXX elven curve blade
Tokai LN The Stratoscape’s goddess of civilization, society, research Community, Knowledge, Nobility XXX longspear
Aksherka N Kallmenshrike’s goddess of poison, birth, the sea Healing, Knowledge, Plant, Water XXX dagger
Jini N Tolston’s god of gnomish impulse and wanderlust Travel, Luck, Weather XXX light crossbow
Mèng Mèi N The Stratoscape’s god of sleep, dreams, imagination Dream, Protection, Strength XXX longsword
Bel-anut CN Tolston’s god of alchemists, sacrifice for science Artifice, Knowledge, Madness, Rune XXX light mace
Kong CN The Stratoscape’s god of storms, wind and illusion Air, Trickery, Weather XXX sling
Tarikh LE Lower Hulum’s god of time, corruption, sabotage Evil, Law, Time XXX trident
Kage NE The Stratoscape’s god of shadows, grief, eternal rest Darkness, Death, Repose XXX sickle
Alnar CE Lower Hulum’s goddess of deserts, heat, engulfing flame Destruction, Fire, Sun XXX greataxe

Table of Gods

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