Sensou is Eqtis’s god of chaos, subversion, and power.

Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, War
Favoured Weapon: bill (Advanced Player’s Guide, pg. 177)
Nicknames: Ascension, the Living War, the Wake of Triumph
Symbol: a lidless eye on the palm of an open red hand

Sensou is depicted as a male, human warrior, his face mostly obscured by a chainmail-draped helmet and shrouded by the hood of his endless red robes. Two enormous jet-black wings distend from his back, and his chest is bare but for the presence of a terrifying scarlet eye at its center. Runes decorate his robes and much of his visible skin, and he is always shown wielding an adamantine pole-axe.

As the embodiment of the acquisition of power, Sensou is a god both feared and admired. His followers claim sole responsibility for the construction of Hulum’s Stratoscape, citing the move as an attempt to emulate his power, and as a means to keep watch over all of Eqtis. His temples are unique in that they are tended by a high concentration of arcane casters in addition to the more traditional clerics and divine clergy. The Church of His Ascendant Wake has the following chapters:

Red Wizards of Kensei

Sensou, the Wake of Triumph, came to Eqtis centuries ago from a far away land, seeking his own power and freedom. He and his sister Aning were minor gods who had fallen in love and sought to find a place where they could consummate their love away from the judgmental eyes of their own pantheon. Aning was a simple goddess of fertility and hunting; Sensou a god of lesser magic and knowledge. When he and Aning first arrived on Eqtis, he found the natives interesting but also saw that they were fractured and could easily be swayed to worship him.

Initially, they were rapturous about their new-found freedom. They spent many years wrapped in one another’s embrace, paying no attention to the affairs of the outside world. But it was not to last. Sensou’s eyes soon wandered toward the growing conflict on the continent, and he could not help but make himself involved. He began developing new spells and learning more and more about the nature of conflict and why people had taken to fighting. He became so caught up in his quest for knowledge and power that he didn’t even notice when Aning became pregnant and gave birth to the child who would become Vita and Sembro.

As time passed, Sensou began to realize he had grown too focused, and stepped back to once again unite with Aning, the reunion quickly giving rise to her second pregnancy. As Sensou’s seed developed in her womb, he saw a great change take over her, which he attempted to ignore. So, when she asked him to inflame local conflicts, he tried to believe it was just her way of relating to his interests, and he did all he could, giving rise to the Twenty-Sided War. He became more and more powerful, and eventually attracted the attentions of a pupil in Đåk’fölg’gn’nß. He saw in Đåk’fölg’gn’nß an honour that seemed dangerously in conflict with the Hethish powers, and thus instructed him in order to learn from the conflict certain to result. As the local Hethish gods splintered into factions vying for control of the continent, Sensou saw opportunities to unleash his new spells and often gave differing help to conflicting sides in an effort to learn which was more effective. He was so caught up in his studies he didn’t even realize that the Twenty-Sided War was his sister’s creation and that she was making a power grab of immense proportions.

After the war, Aning, Sensou, Đåk’fölg’gn’nß, Handrick One-Hand, and Vita and Sembro were the most powerful gods in Eqtis. Sensou saw Aning for what she had become and abandoned her to her sorrow. His lust had been sated, and although powerful magic stirred in her belly, he knew her thirst for power would never let her bear it to term. Sensou’s campaign of war had won him an immense following, as many wizards and sorcerers had learned of his prowess and of the rewards for worshiping him. They created the Stratoscape in his honour, and he was very pleased. He went to his faithful and told them to continue to master the ways of magic, for as they learned, so too would he.

Sensou teaches his followers that mastery of the arcane requires testing and that sometimes war is necessary to assess the effectiveness of new spells. Destruction is always a form of creation and should never lead to regret. He shows his favour through knowledge of new spells and techniques and blesses his most faithful with unending arcane energy.

Red Wizard of Kensei
Scion of War


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