Ribnshow is the defender of those who can’t defend themselves.

Alignment: CG
Domains: Healing, Liberation, Protection, Travel
Favoured Weapon: greatsword (Core Rulebook, pg. 143)
Nicknames: The People’s Defender
Symbol: A pair of handcuffs splitting open

Ribnshow is depicted as a 7 foot tall human with light shining behind his back, with a giant great sword, staring stoically at the sky.

Ribnshow’s followers in Tolston are relatively new, as worshipers of Ribnshow came from another land called Nakefald. Accrding to them, Ribnshow told them of the suffering that was occuring in Tolston and sent his crew out here to spread Ribnshow’s good message. Since then, they have set up shelters and mobilized the citizens to help themselves. Ribnshow has become popular quickly and establishing himself as a dominating force in Tolston.


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