Qaadim is Lower Hulum’s god of nomads, independence, and armed resistance.

Alignment: CG
Domains: Earth, Liberation, Travel
Favoured Weapon: bec de corbin (Advanced Player’s Guide, pg. 177)
Nicknames: the Adversary
Symbol: a labyrinth

Qaadim is depicted as a bald-headed marid or otherwise humanoid genie, wearing light desert attire and covered from head to toe in labyrinthine tattoos. He carries a gigantic pole-hammer and the earth seems to form a path when he moves over it.

Qaadim’s followers are many throughout lower Hulum. He is the patron god of nomadism, and the wanderers of Hulum’s vast deserts pay homage and feel secure under his protection. It is he who inspires attacks upon the Stratoscape, so Lower Hulum might one day know liberation from the cities that block out the sun.


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