Mithral Guard

In the days when Hal’andros occupied the majority of Eqtis, the Mithral Guard was the glittering sword of the King: military, police, and personal guard. When the kingdom became the Hal’andros Republic, the Mithral Guard was dissolved as a standing army but maintained as a police force and national guard. In the past two hundred years, as the Hal’andros Republic has lost more and more territory and Baltis’s glory has waned, the Mithral Guard has lost much of its military strength but is still far from weak, and is still recognized across the continent as a symbol of all that the Kingdom once was. In recent years the Inner Council of Baltis has capitalized on this to try to stabilize what is left of the fracturing continent and keep it from devolving into war.

Thus, the Mithral Guard has been retooled as the long arm of the Baltis Council beyond the borders of the Hal’andros Republic. Although its missions often consist of little more than flashy displays of public relations, enforcing order (by request) at public festivals, putting down problematic monsters, or escorting foreign dignitaries, the Mithral Guard is sent to do genuine good for the Mithral City, as well: restoring threatened trade routes, mediating potentially explosive border disputes, or recovering lost secrets and treasures.

The Mithral Guard is known across Eqtis, and acceptance into the Guard is still considered a great honour and privilege. Knights of the guard are known far and wide—by face and name—and the most renowned are nearly revered as saints. Thus, the best and brightest from all across the continent make their way to Baltis each year to join the Guard, without promise of success.

Selection is a rigorous process—with petitioners competing in a series of public trials and tests in the Pacifico Memorial Arena—and those that succeed must still complete six months of grueling training. Those that emerge from training intact are each awarded an emblem in a public ceremony, and paraded through the Mithral City to Fort Amberen, the main headquarters of the Guard.

And from there, adventure awaits.

Mithral Guard

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