Mèng Mèi

Mèng Mèi is the Stratoscape’s god of sleep, dreams, and imagination.

Alignment: N
Domains: Dream, Protection, Strength
Favoured Weapon: longsword (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Dreamblade
Symbol: mists of purple and teal wrapping around a golden sword

Mèng Mèi is depicted as a horned swordsman with glowing yellow eyes, fading into clouds of purple and teal. He normally appears roughly human, though he rarely appears in exactly the same way to any two subjects. He is said to wander through the dreams of all creatures, defending some against perilous nightmares and cutting others down from within their sleeping minds with terrifying accuracy.

Mèng Mèi has few devout followers, but he is paid homage by most. Each citizen of Hulum knows fully well that surviving the night is done only with his blessing, and few would dare land on the wrong side of his wrath. His motives are unknown, but Mèng Mèi is a fierce protector of some and an unparalleled terror to others.

Mèng Mèi

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