Masukai is the Stratoscape’s god of spellcraft, mental illness, and expansion of the mind.

Alignment: NG
Domains: Madness, Magic, Rune
Favoured Weapon: quarterstaff (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Witchmind
Symbol: a red feather outlined in blue arcane energy

Masukai is depicted as a gigantic humanoid bird creature, with a full coat of deep red feathers. He wears a crown and various jewelries, all composed entirely of arcane energy, and his eyes appear completely white. The inside of his mouth appears as a black hole, stealing all light from the surrounding field of view, and two gigantic pairs of wings beat arbitrarily at his back.

Masukai is a god of magic, but also of madness, and of the pursuit of mental expansion. His followers range from the mysterious sorcerer to the drug-addled beggar, and he cares for all of them equally in his own bizarre way. He is kind, but purposeful.


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