Kong is the Stratoscape’s god of storms, wind, and illusion.

Alignment: CN
Domains: Air, Trickery, Weather
Favoured Weapon: sling (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Semblant Tempest
Symbol: two criss-crossed lightning bolts, connected at their tops by a nearly fully-circular arch of stone

Kong is depicted as a mostly naked elf trapped within the body of an air elemental. His facial features appear to slowly morph, never appearing the same way twice. Great winds keep him aloft and lightning constantly crackles around his skin.

Kong has many followers in the cities in the clouds. He is seen as a symbol of great power—as one of the enablers of the stratoscape. Illusionist and commoner alike pay homage to him. He is a trickster god, but never cruel, and is often cited as the cause of luck, both good and bad.


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