Kage is the Stratoscape’s goddess of shadows, grief, and eternal rest.

Alignment: NE
Domains: Darkness, Death, Repose
Favoured Weapon: sickle (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Hunter at Dusk
Symbol: a black hook, fading at the bottom into a black cloud

Kage is depicted as a fair-skinned elf whose body appears to partially vanish into shadow, seemingly arbitrarily. She is blond-haired, gray-eyed, and dressed in black and violet ornate leather armour, with a pair of sickles at her side.

Kage is a goddess of death, but she takes no delight in killing, nor does death factor into any great plan of hers. She simply wants all light and life extinguished permanently. Her followers are often assassins, suicide cultists, or lost souls—desperately trying to extinguish life from the living to earn their rest.


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