Iskzl is the Hethish god of wisdom, rebirth, and nobility.

Alignment: N
Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Nobility, Scalykind
Favoured Weapon: quauhololli (wooden club with spherical ball at the tip; treat as club) (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the White Serpent
Symbol: three green circles intersected by a vertical white line

Iskzl was said to appear in many forms to the Hethish people, the most common of which were a white scaled man with a snake’s head and a white winged snake with the head of a man whose hair was made of the sun itself.

Iskzl is the Hethish god of Immortality and all that comes with unending life. His chosen were scholars and nobles that ruled the city of Ho’Pintek, the ruins of which are buried beneath Lijden’s capital city of Burz.


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