Hill Kingdoms

Designation: major region
Common Races: dwarf, gnome, halfling, human
Common Classes: cavalier, cleric, fighter, inquisitor, oracle, rogue

The Hill Kingdoms are not a singular state, but rather a region of Eqtis thick with many small independent domains. Their unifying element is that each of them is smaller than any other country in Eqtis. Ranging in size from populations of fifteen to somewhere in the thousands, none of these countries would be able to stand on their own and so they usually have intricate treaties worked out with their near and far neighbors. Many of them are famous for their strange leaders and bizarre local gods, such as King Snail (an actual “hyper-intelligent” snail) of Bobobobobo and the Chair-Gods of Putrescence, which are a pair of well-carved chairs with supposedly divine powers. Most people from other regions of the continent avoid traveling to the Hill Kingdoms, on account of the strange behaviors and local laws that they may encounter. For example, in the Free State of Pudding-Top it is illegal to go out on a Monday without holding a broom in your left hand, but it is also illegal to do so on every third Monday. The populous of the Hill Kingdoms are well known for their hardiness and adventurous spirit. Many of Eqtis’s greatest heroes got their start in the Hill Kingdoms, battling on behalf of the local lords and ladies.

Some well-known (to mithral guardians at least) regions are:

Born to Thrill
Hill Kingdom Nobility
Mercenary Ambassador
Semi-Divine Influence

Hill Kingdoms

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