Half Lands

Designation: country
Common Races: bugbear, goblin, half-elf, half-giant, half-orc, kobold, minotaur, ogre, orc, redcap, tiefling, troll
Common Classes:

The Half Lands are a collection of small towns between the Hill Kingdoms and the area of Kallmenshrike northeast of the Anskramling Mountains, that claimed independence from surrounding nations and banded together for their mutual protection. The Half Lands are a haven for half-elves, half-orcs, half-giants or any other crossbreed race, as well as other less socially accepted races.

Built on some of the least desirable land in Eqtis, most of the towns are small, and setup more like refugee camps, with only a few that have begun to prosper. Each town sends its leader to a grand meeting once every season to discuss matters of mutual protection and trade, the building of new settlements for growing populations, and whatever else needs discussing.


Half Lands

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