Glorious Empire of Lijden

Designation: country
Common Races: duergar, human, lizardfolk
Common Classes: cleric, dark templar, fighter, inquisitor, monk, ranger, rogue, scout, wizard

Lijden is a swampy and overcast human nation, ruled over by albino nobility and led by Empress Zelafina. Life for the common masses in Lijden is a harsh combination of slavery, indentured servitude, press-gangs, spooky animal attacks in the dead of night, mysterious disappearances, etc. The albino nobility of Lijden—known as Isk or Iskens—claims to trace its bloodline back to a snake deity named Iskzl [picture] worshiped by the ancient Hethish tribes that once ruled the area around Lijden.

The larger towns and major cities of Lijden are dominated by humans, with a strong showing of lizardfolk from the surrounding swamps and duergar slave-merchants and their Grey Guard from the mountains to the south. Smaller towns and villages are almost entirely human, with the odd lizardfolk hunter or duergar trader thrown in.

Du’ur Shok
Du’ur Krol

Blood of Iskzl (human)
Grey Guard

Glorious Empire of Lijden

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