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Long ago, the Hethish people dominated the continent of Eqtis. Though much is now forgotten about early Hethish history, the Heths are believed to have maintained a cohesive and more or less peaceful society—if not a united government—throughout nearly the entire continent.

Historical records predating the Twenty-Sided War are scarce, but around four to five thousand years ago, the Heths were visited by outsiders of unclear origins. These albino humans were received by the Heths as incarnations of their gods. The newcomers gladly accepted power over the western Hethish people, and formed what would become the Glorious Empire of Lijden.

Gradually, however, conflict spread throughout the Hethish people, as doubts arose among the Heth as to whether or not the albinos were truly the descendants of gods. Political unrest and factionalism spread throughout the continent.

Then a new wave of invaders arrived by sea, on the northern shores of Eqtis. These invaders were not so peaceably received as the people of Lijden, but they arrived with such great numbers that they quickly overcame local resistance and established a new kingdom in what would become modern Tolston.

As new waves of these invaders arrived, and the kingdom of settlers began to expand in population, the original Hethish people were pushed into more and more remote areas of the continent, resulting in a conversion of the growing political disputes into outright war. Hethish tribes split and fought one another over land and resources. A few Hethish tribes—outraged that the Empire of Lijden had done so little to help repel the northern invaders—attacked Lijden from the south and east. The invaders capitalized on this unrest and began a campaign of opportunistic expansion, attacking nearby Hethish tribes and eventually pushing to Lijden’s northern borders, marking the beginning of the Twenty-Sided War.

The Twenty-Sided war raged across the continent for over a hundred years, changing the political and physical face of the landscape forever. The Boiling Bay was formed when six-hundred Hethish shamans ritually sacrificed themselves to break apart the southern continent, hurling hundreds of thousands of Lijden invaders into the earth to be covered by the rushing sea. The lower half of the continent has been shifting southeast ever since.

Barrow Holds
Glorious Empire of Lijden
Hal’andros Republic
Half Lands
Lower Hulum
Mati Mati
Republic of Kuniko
Tolston Collective
Xin Xing Territories

Hill Kingdoms


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