Du'ur Shok

One of the Two Duergar Fortress-Cities, and home of house Shok. The nobility of the city are tattooed at birth to mark them as bloodborn members of house Shok. Known as Highborn, these duergar are gifted with larger and more detailed tattoos to show their station. To an outsider, these tattoos mean very little, but to the trained eye one can tell most of a duergar’s life story from his tattoos. House Shok tattoos around the eyes of the highborn children all of which have the same starting ink known as The Mountain’s Tears(a simple line from the outside corner of the eye towards the corners of the mouth that runs just under 2 inches in length.) Some of the oldest and most battle hardened highborn will have a strip of tattoos wrapping their entire heard from the middle of their forehead to bottom of their nose.

Population: 200,000+(most of the population of Du’ur Shok is made up of slaves and thus an accurate guess is almost impossible)

Classes: Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Rogue, Dark Templar, Antipaladin, Barbarian, Witch, Shadowcaster

Races: Duergar, all other races are found here in some number(mostly as slaves or servants)

Du'ur Shok

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