Central Kallmenshrike

Giant’s Ass
Designation: region
Common Races: goblin, human, orc
Common Classes: barbarian, bard, cleric, fighter, ranger, witch, oracle
Export: iron, gold, hides, lumber, marble, live animals, and animal products (fat, etc.)
People of Note: Brikkabrik, Grand Chief Svitjgata, Torrba Tro

Central Kallmenshrike is covered by pine forests, peat bogs, tar pits, and sprawling boulder fields. Human, goblinoid, kobold and orc tribes share this region, eking out a living by hunting, gathering, and tending livestock.

Because life is brutal and mortality is high, women spend most of their time in tribal villages birthing and rearing young, but some women—due to infertility, sacred vow, or tribal status instead serve as krighaxa (war witches) and lead hunts or raids—naked and tattooed—shrieking to intimidate the enemy.

Children are raised together until puberty, when the males of all central tribes (goblinoid, orc, and human alike) are sent into the forests to live as vildchaya (wild children), roaming in mixed packs to hunt for food and prove themselves by driving off monsters and invaders. Because tribes of all races send their children out this way, this is also a time for children to learn to live and work peacefully with other races, and make the most of, and exchange, various skills.

When hunting season is past, the tribes send out expeditions to hunt vildchaya packs for sport. Older children caught in these hunts are dragged back to their own tribes to be initiated into adulthood and usually married off. The wiliest of the vildchaya who can escape capture into adulthood eventually are shunned by the younger members, and either live alone as druids and rangers or allow themselves to be captured.

Of the adult tribe members, men hunt and gather, and women raise children, tan hides, work bronze and gold, or do other domestic duties. Goblinoids and orcs tend to live deeper in the mountains, humans in the forests, but none are exclusive.

The food of central Kallmenshrike tends toward fermented and pickled crops from the short growing season, fermented meats, rendered fat, and the soft wood pulp of the Atlig Pine, fermented and then boiled to a thick disgusting, but highly nutritious (and slightly lemony) gruel.

Central Kallmenshrike

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