City of Burz
Capital City of the Empire, seat of the Glorious Throne

Total population:90818
Humans: 83553
Lizardfolk: 902
Duergar: 5449
Other: 914
Total guard: 4816

Burz is built on top of an ancient Hethish holy site, and features a vast under-city made of ruins, forgotten Hethish temples, and mass graves.
Burz’s Grand district is made up of 6 circular streets lined with tall spindly towers and wide manor houses. The Grand as it is called by locals is a choked maze of smaller alleyways, walled courtyards, and dead ends making guides or maps a necessity for outsiders. At the heart of the Grand stands the tower of Isk, built over 1000 years ago by the original inhabitants as a gift to the first Isken Emperor Drubael Vek. No Emperor has lived there since -CENSORED-.

For the last 700 years the Glorious Throne has been located in the Imperial District, separated from the rest of the city by a large wall built along the river Skathoen, with a single gated bridge the only entrance in the district. Security is tight and those without invitation from one of the major houses are turned away, sometimes violently.
Other districts of the city include the slave pits, the market district, the Grimward and Outer-Burz.

common classes: Fighter, Templar, Monk, Cleric, Oracle, Rogue, Ranger, Cavalier, Wizard.

A note on arcane spell casting: Due to laws set in place some 250 years ago by Emperor Druesk the Harsh, casting arcane spells within the city requires the following:
-writ of casting(approved on a per district basis)
-license to handle dangerous materials
-license to commit devilry
-a legal, permanent place of residence within city limits
-receipt of payment for most recent tax cycle for:

  • arcane liability tax
  • property tax
  • devilry tax

Failure to provide all required writs and licenses along with tax receipts can result in fines, imprisonment, execution, imprisonment and/or execution of family and/or friends.

As a result arcane spell casting within Burz is rare and only used for running businesses, and even then only as needed. Over the last 250 years this harsh attitude towards arcane casters has slowly spread from the city and taken hold in other areas of Lijden as distrust and downright hatred of most things arcane. Some of the more backwater areas of Lijden have taken to hunting down “witches” and burning them. Over the last 50 years most towns and cities in Lijden have adopted similar laws regarding arcane casting, and some places have gone so far as to outlaw all spell casting.


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