Barrow Holds

Designation: country
Common Races: gnome, human
Common Classes: barbarian, cavalier, cleric, fighter, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard

An ancient Hethish graveyard, the Barrow Holds are known for the crazed tribes of gnomes that make their homes in the barrows—only coming out to raid and pillage nearby settlements or murder travelers on the silver road.

The Barrow Holds were given to Ser Tyrus Lant by Emperor Kreil Von Krut of Lijden over 400 years ago for his loyal service and skill at arms. Tyrus kept the gnomes in check by building a series of outposts along the silver road, and regularly leading outings from Castle Ironfast to eradicate the gnomish menace. Over the generations his heirs have grown fat and lazy off of the taxes collected on the silver road, and as a result the raids have once again become a problem. Desmont Lant, current Lord of Ironfast, has petitioned to join the Hal’andros Republic, as he has neither the soldiers nor gold to deal with the gnomish raiders.

Whelton’s Break

Barrow Holds

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