Designation: city
Alignment: LN
Nickname: Mithral City
Population: 704,000

Baltis is located at the heart of Eqtis. Long ago, the Mithral City was the capital and throne of an unbroken empire reaching to every shore of Eqtis, and for thousands of years the Heth inhabitants built and adorned their central city. Baltis grew in power, in riches, and in beauty, a treasure of all the world, until the twenty-sided war decimated the continent and her people. During the long years of the war, the Mithral City slipped through the fingers of many an army, until at last toward the end of the war, the Mithral Guard was commandeered by a cabal of private political factions, who drove the last of the warring armies from Hal’andros and rechristened the Mithral City as an independent city-state, beholden only to itself, and tasked with the re-establishment and preservation of peace in the surrounding lands.

Despite the Hal’andros Republic’s ongoing political decline and further regional separation over the past 600 years, the Mithral Guard of Baltis clings to its old power, and stands as a shining metropolis—a beacon of hope and bastion of stability to the surrounding continent.

Inner Baltis includes the original Mithral City, which comprises around one quarter of its total area, and the districts of Greater Baltis combine to cover over ten times the area of Inner Baltis.

Inner Baltis is home to a number of attractions, including the Mithral Guard’s Amphitheatre of the Aeons; Fort Amberen, the primary political district of Baltis; the trade district, and several beautiful public gardens. Outer Baltis is home to the long docks of Beddington Lake, many border farms, and the the Theater of the Titans, the primary religious district of Baltis, a temple city featuring a variety of grandiose temples to the gods.

Baltis is run by a council of interests, which delegates control of the city proper to the Mayor and focuses most of its energy on the affairs of the Mithral Guard in regions afar. While numerous interests vie for power in the council, at any given time it is governed by a circle of nine inner council members and a head of council in the tenth seat. The head of council is determined by a secret vote and the identity of the head of council is not general knowledge. This person’s identity is ostensibly kept secret to protect against bribery or other outside influence, but it seldom works out so simply. Primary interests vying for power in the council include the temples of the Titans of Eqtis, and several of the larger merchant guilds, amongst others.

Although most of Eqtis no longer belongs to the Hal’andros Republic, Baltis is still entrusted by the various regions to weigh and stamp coins, and Baltic coinage is recognized at more or less standard value in all but the most remote corners of the continent.


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