Aning is Eqtis’s goddess of prophecy, hunting, and death.

Alignment: CE
Domains: Death, Rune, Strength, Trickery, Weather
Favoured Weapon: flail (Core Rulebook, pg. 142)
Nicknames: the Witch Mother, the Abyssal Womb, the Blessed Mother, Equanimity
Symbol: an open grave

Aning is most often depicted as a stout young woman with long blond hair, pregnant, with her right hand hidden behind her back and her left hand extended—either open and beckoning or offering a gift, usually a scroll or tablet. She is depicted as standing, or mounted on a black snake or wyrm.

Clerics of Aning specialize in Prophecy, classic style: everything in their prophecy is true in exactly the way you thought it wasn’t.

Clerics of Aning are raised and trained in the Unmelting Spyre, carved out of the remains of a glacier in the north shore of Aningskötesjö, the Bottomless Sea, at the southern end of Kallmenshrike. Clerics in the Spyre perform ritual obligations to Aning and ceremonies and services for the tribes of Kallmenshrike, including consecration of important marriages, the ritual sacrifice of war prisoners, blessings on war camapaigns, and divinations.

Aning, the Blessed Mother, came to Eqtis centuries ago from a far away land, seeking her own power and freedom. She and her brother Sensou were minor gods who had fallen in love and sought to find a place where they could consummate their love away from the judgmental eyes of their own pantheon. Aning was a simple goddess of fertility and hunting; Sensou a god of lesser magic and knowledge. When she and Sensou first arrived on Eqtis, she found the natives strange but also saw that they were fractured and could easily be swayed to worship her.

Initially, the two were rapturous about their new-found freedom. They spent many years wrapped in one another’s embrace, paying no attention to the affairs of the outside world. But it was not to last. As Sensou‘s eyes began to wander toward the growing conflict on the continent, Aning withdrew. Her feelings of rejection led her to seek another’s company, and she seduced a burgeoning young paladin by the name of Altrean, feeling a curious delight in the manipulation of one so afraid of being controlled. This union led to the birth of a child whose power worried Aning, so she split the child in two, giving rise to Vita and Sembro, the Wild Acrobats.

Seeing his sister unhappy, Sensou returned to Aning’s side. This led to another pregnancy and initially Aning was overjoyed with the result. She now bore twins: the knowledge of all things, and the end of all things. With knowledge gestating in her womb, her power grew and she began to understand the ways of the world and what would come to pass. She saw that Sensou would inevitably get wrapped up in his own quest for more powerful magic and that she would once again be left alone in the world. With destruction gestating in her womb, her outlook on life took a turn for the grim. She began to think that—since she would be abandoned by her brother—she would have to fight for her own future, and that the pain she felt should be paid in blood by those beneath her.

She and Sensou had gained much power since their arrival on Eqtis, but the Hethish gods had taken little notice. Aning knew this wouldn’t last and encouraged her brother to inflame the local conflicts, ultimately bringing about the Twenty-Sided War. She deceived the local tribes, setting their tensions high, while Sensou swept in and brought war to the previously peaceful land. She led the various Hethish gods to believe each other enemies, and one by one their defenses fell. This culminated in the manipulation of Handrick One-Hand, pushing him to the forefront of Hethish attention. Aning tricked him into losing his hand, and while he was trapped Đåk’fölg’gn’nß went about destroying the already weakened Hethish gods. She did not, however, expect Đåk’fölg’gn’nß to return to set Handrick free after his conquest, and for denial of her prey, she has held a grudge against him ever since.

After the war, Aning, Sensou, Đåk’fölg’gn’nß, Handrick One-Hand, and Vita and Sembro were the most powerful gods in Eqtis. Sensou abandoned Aning after seeing the changes that his seed had wrought upon her mind and body, and she never forgave him for that, refusing to carry his children to term. Đåk’fölg’gn’nß had prevented her from killing Handrick One-Hand, a man whose uprightness and purity were an affront to her senses. Vita and Sembro were too reclusive and flighty to be worthy allies, and so Aning was alone as she knew she would be. Since the war, she has consolidated her power in the southern end of Eqtis.

Aning teaches her followers that the servants of the other gods are weak-minded fools, tradition-bound sycophants, or untrustworthy power-seekers. She rewards the faithful who kill in her name and uphold her ideas of justice. A few, she even blesses with dark prophecies of things to come: foreknowledge of death and despair.


Force of Will
Unmelting Devotion


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