Alhyah is Lower Hulum’s goddess of jungles, rivers, and interconnectivity.

Alignment: LG
Domains: Healing, Plant, Water
Favoured Weapon: battle aspergillum (Advanced Player’s Guide, pg. 177)
Nicknames: the Perennial Mother
Symbol: a leaf from which water drips

Alhyah is depicted as a gray-skinned elf, wrapped in vines. Her hair appears to be a flowing river, and her fingers extend unnaturally long and resemble moving plants.

Alhyah is recognized as the embodiment of nature’s growth and nurture without the balancing factor of nature’s wrath. Many rangers or more idealistic druids of Hulum pay her homage, but her healing powers and holistic outlook appeal to a great many paladins and otherwise law-abiding citizens too.


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