Bag of Holes


Price: 13,000gp
Caster Level: 9th
Aura: moderate (DC 18) transmutation

This grubby bag is riddled with holes and incapable of holding anything. Anyone who knows the true power of this item can remove a hole and throw it onto the ground in an adjacent square to create a 10ft. by 10ft. pit that is 40ft. deep. Doing so is a standard action (provided that the bag is in hand, secured to a belt, or otherwise available) that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Any creature standing in the affected squares must make a DC 14 Reflex saving throw or fall into the pit and take 4d6 points of damage. Creatures who make their save are moved to the nearest square adjacent to the pit. Scaling the pit’s walls requires a DC 25 Climb check. The pit lasts for 10 rounds, after which any objects or creatures within the pit are lifted harmlessly to the original surface level.
Alternatively, a hole may be placed on a vertical surface to create a 5ft. by 8ft. passageway or cave-like niche that is up to 10ft. deep, similar to the effect of a passwall spell. This passage lasts 1 hour.
This item can be used on any nonmagical surface that can contain the pit or passageway. It cannot be used directly against creatures or living matter. The bag may only generate one effect at a time. If the bag is activated again, any existing pit or passage immediately ends.
A newly created bag of holes can be used ten times before becoming an ordinary, undamaged sack. A make whole spell cast on a bag of holes reduces the remaining uses by 1d6 with no save.

Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Item, create pit, passwall
Cost to Create: 6,500 gp

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Bag of Holes

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