A burly orc dressed in the garb of a knight.


6’1 211lbs

Sander is not pretty to look at. He has a broken tusk, the top half of his left ear is missing, and the right side of his face and neck as well as his right forearm and hand are covered in terrible burn scars from some fire long ago.


Sander is the third son of Grovar Steel, a blacksmith in the employ of lord Vent of Cranmyre(A hold south of Ardol).
At seven years Sander killed his first man, a drunk sellsword from Baltis who stabbed his brother Nomar over a game of dice.
At nine Sander saved lord Vent’s daughter from a runaway horse. At thirteen he was the youngest member of the guard in Cranmyre. Before the end of the year he was a squire for lord Vent’s younger son, Durvis.
Before he could turn sixteen Sander had fought in two small skirmishes with outlaws, lost an ear to an axe, killed more men then he could remember, and almost lost an eye to a spell from a wiirwytch.
At eighteen he was knighted Ser Sander of Cranmyre for rescuing Mira Vent from a gang of lowborn thieves and rapers. His knighthood cost him half a tusk at the end of a warhammer, as well as the life of his only true friend, Ser Durvis, who was wounded in the fight to rescue his sister Mira Vent and died on the road back to Cranmyre of fever.
At twenty, after being sworn as Mira’s shield, he crushed a young lord’s throat and threw him from a tower window when he heard her crying and found the lord had drunkenly laid hands on her. In the struggle a lamp was knocked over and the room was engulfed in flames. Sander fought his way from the fire with Mira in his arms but by the time he escaped the inferno the whole tower was burning and Mira lay dying at his feet. When she finally passed a few days later, her father had Sander stripped of his knighthood and sentenced to execution for the following morning. He killed the guards, armed and armored himself and never looked back.
At twenty and three Sander won himself a place in the Mithral Guard when he killed a group of sellswords and freed an injured member of the Mithral Guard from their camp. He never explained how he knew she was a captive or how he got into the camp, only that she reminded him of someone.


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