21 years old, 6'0", 145 lbs, short blonde hair, green eyes, kind of lanky


Ketemycos, or Ket for short, is a very curious, very strange individual who takes pretty much everything at face value. Though he’s on a quest to avenge his parents (see below), he’s quite relaxed and happy-go-lucky. He’s very trusting, which sometimes causes him trouble, but he’s witty and nimble enough to get himself out of most undesirable circumstances. Ket knows Baltis very well and has adequate knowledge of the surrounding areas. He wears a short, gold-colored tunic and a tan cloak, and he doesn’t usually carry much on his person, apart from a backpack of necessities and a slingshot.


Ketemycos’s father, Ketbaranthos, was an elf alchemist from the Great and Awesome City of Marsaz. Struck by elven wanderlust, he traveled Eqtis and came upon a small village of mostly humans just west of Enkol. There he met Allesa Petalhale, with whom he fell in love and took back to Marsaz to marry. In a few weeks, Allesa was with child, and she and Ketbaranthos decided on the name Ketemycos for their son. Months later, word came from Allesa’s home that the entire village had been destroyed by the bronze dragon Berelzcion. The messenger further explained that Allesa was actually of royal blood from a long-past kingdom towards which Berelzcion bore a long-standing grudge, and as last of the Petalhale line, she and Ketemycos would be the dragon’s next targets. Ketbaranthos and Allesa fled Marsaz, never staying in one place for too long, until it came time for Ketemycos to be born. On the night he was due, a great thunderstorm formed above their camp near Dan Beard. Out of the storm came Berelzcion, who waited and watched Allesa in her labor pains. Ketbaranthos realized that the dragon wanted to end the Petalhale name with the last male and was waiting for Ketemycos to actually leave the womb, so he began to prepare a teleport spell for himself, Allesa, and the unborn child. Berelzcion in turn realized this, and lashed out prematurely with a blast of lightning. This killed Ketbarathos and Allesa and infused Ketemycos with Berelzcion’s power. As Ketbaranthos died, he released his unfinished teleport spell, which flung Ketemycos randomly across Eqtis. The newborn half-elf appeared in a small farm just east of Baltis. The next morning, the farmer found him, took him into the city, and left him on the doorstep of the temple of Altrean. Ketemycos was taken in and raised by the clerics there, but he never really fit in, and at the age of 14, he left the temple permanently. He learned to fend for himself, stealing when he had to, and explored Baltis and the surrounding area. His wanderings took him to Marsaz, where he learned the story of his parents, and there he swore vengeance upon Berelzcion. As Berelzcion no doubt presumed him dead, Ket figured his best way to find the dragon would be to return to Baltis and join the Mithral Guard and traverse the continent. As he was underage, he spent the remaining years teaching himself basic sorcery and living in the streets of Baltis. As soon as he was able, he applied for the Mithral Guard, of which he’s now a member.


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