Järn, the Raven's Fist

A Fierce Warrior, recently born again to the service of Sensou and the Imperial Eye


4th level Barbarian, 3rd level Templar


Born in the Central Tribes of Kallmenshrike, Järn proved himself an able fighter and eager border-raider. Early in his adult life he gravitated to the leadership and teachings of Grand Chief Svijgatta, and converted to the worship of Sensou as the one true power of Eqtis.

Svijgatta, impressed by Järn’s fervor, adopted him into the growing One Tribe, and positioned Järn at the front of the Grand Raid of 100,000+ Kallmenshrike tribesmen and women, poised to pour over the northern hills of Kallmenshrike and consume like locusts the lands over the Northeastern borders.

How surprised they were – how surprised many were – when the Grand Raid was caught in a teleportation circle intended for a much smaller raid, set by the Red Wizards as a way of confounding the peoples of Tolston.

Once the Grand Raid realized what had become of them and fell under the leadership of Svijgatta as first citizen-worshippers of the New Imperial Eye of Sensou, Järn dedicated himself to the glory of their new-christened home. He pledged his life to furthering the ideals and reach of Sensou. After leading many battles against the collapsing Tolston military, Järn began to believe Sensou’s reach, and the reach of Sensou’s new empire should be extended along more lines at once. He sought Svijgatta’s guidance. After some conversation, Grand Chief, now Emperor, Svijgatta, agreed that Järn could be used beyond the role of a soldier, to further the power of Sensou’s Eye. Järn set off, with the Emperor’s recommendation, to join the Mithril Guard of the shining city of Baltis.

Järn, the Raven's Fist

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