Grand Chief Svitjgata

the Troll Smiter


Elder chief of the confederated central tribes, Grand Chief Svitjgata is head of the Rovgirig confederation in western central Kallmenshrike, primarily Orcs and half-orcs numbering roughly 150,000. Svitjgata is the first Orc in tribal history to lead the tribal council, but human distrust of the Orc and goblinoids is overcome by a general reverence for Svitjgata’s proven wisdom in council and ferocity in battle. Svitjgata rose to prominence as a war hero 13 years ago driving back a horde of giants from the Anskramling Mountains.

A devout worshipper of Sansou, Svitjgata attributes his victory against the Anskramling invasion to divine aid from Sansou, and as Grand Chief is attempting to convert the confederated tribes to monotheistic worship of Sansou.

Grand Chief Svitjgata

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