Graenthor Naarskadare

The seer of Kalmenshrike, white haired and fair of face is Graenthor who drinks with death and smiles.


Graenthor, the Seer of Kallmenshrike, has a reputation among those who know her as the most powerful prophetess in all of Eqtis, with no close second in clarity or power.

A devout worshiper of Aning, Graenthor has presided over the Unmelting Spyre for fifty years. She is thought to be at least two hundred years old, although her entirely white hair and a few wrinkles are the only sign of her age.

Legends say that so terrible is Grenthor’s power of prophecy that at her most devastating she can simply “construct the future” with her words.

Graenthor Naarskadare

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