Race: Suli
Class: Hexblade

Daken is a dark-skinned humanoid of average height, with a reasonably big frame. He typically wears the decorative armour and red and black military garb of the Shadow Fist of Xin Xing, differentiated only by the symbol of Kage on the medallion at his neck and the red wrappings he normally wears around his face to keep from being recognized. He wields a greatsword and dabbles in dark magics.


Daken is a proud operative in Xin Xing‘s Shadow Fist military force, who volunteered to come to Baltis as part of a military initiative to infiltrate the Mithral Guard and work its resources in the coming war against Kuniko. His mission is to earn trust and respect from the Guard, working his way up the ladder to a position with enough authority to ensure the Guard’s support of the Xin Xing Territories. He was chosen for his youth, charisma, and unerring loyalty to Defu Meng. He is too proud and driven to return empty-handed.


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