Chan-Ming Tumat

Mithral Guard Adept


Originally from the Xin-Xing territories of Upper Hulum.
Chan-Ming Tumat rarely spares a word when action will do, and never stops to rest when a task needs doing. Holding a conversation with Chan-Ming means speaking to his back unless you’re willing to practically sprint to keep up with his brusque walk.
Because of his penchant for action, Chan-Ming prefers active missions to politics, but as he climbs the ladder of power in the Mithril Guard, he finds himself increasingly embroiled in a bureaucracy he can barely stand. He puts up with it mainly for the chance to increase Xin-Xing’s political position with the Guard and the inner council of Baltis, as he worries that the Republic of Kuniko is currently much more favored than Xin-Xing and is actively working against them.


Chan-Ming Tumat

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