Braggi Bodda

A son of the long-axe tribe in central Kallmenshrike, Braggi-Bodda has no knack for survival in the wild, but a hell of a knack for talking about it.


1st Level Bard

Str 8
Dex 14
Con 12
Wis 12
Int 16
Cha 16


Braggi Bodda was sent out with the Vildchaya on his 11th birthday, and not two days after offended a mountain troll who dragged him into the Amskramling mountains to be slave and food to the Frost Giants. But early in his enslavement Braggi proved a knack for spinning such elaborate heroic tales, the Frost Giants would pull him from his work to hear them. He not only survived his captivity, he became a little fat. A year into his captivity, while only guarded by a single troll hag, he spied a passing band of hunters in the distance. He convinced his captor he knew a spell to keep her invisible while she stole their kill, and she carried him down the mountain to torment the hunters and take their meat. Braggi’s spell mysteriously failed and the hunters reclaimed Braggi and drove the troll hag away. On returning to his tribe, Braggi Bodda recounted his many adventures in captivity, and the heroic deeds he had done once the Frost Giants had made him an honorary Giant and knight. Impressed by Braggi’s resourcefulness but convinced keeping him around would lead to nothing but trouble, the long-axe tribe arranged to send Braggi to the Mithril Guard. As Braggi Bodda himself will tell you, although the training almost killed him thrice, still during training he has single-handedly saved Baltis from an invasion of Moon-Rats who made the mistake of trying to recruit him as their spy but underestimated the unwavering and steadfast heart of a Kallmenshrike tribesman. Braggi looks forward to further serving the Mithril Guard and glorifying the tribes in days to come.

Braggi Bodda

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