Redcap's Corner Pathfinder

Why, Y?

Characters: Dermus Danviel, the Black Hood, Elias, Fligga Aningsdotter, Kanut, the Swamp King, Lucifer Sanchez, the Neighslayer
GM: James McTeague

Reports were coming in from the Tolston Collective in droves about violence here and violence there and other strange happenings, but one that stuck out came from Wise Old Village and the surrounding area. That area of the Tolston Collective was famous for the fae that resided in the forest, who would come out only when the humanoids had something to offer, or more likely, to play pranks on the humanoids. Recent reports, however, were saying that the fae were abandoning their usual prankster attitude and going to fisticuffs with the humanoids in the area. The PCs were tasked with figuring out why the fae were attacking the humanoids and putting a stop to it if possible.

The PCs traveled to Wise Old Village, and immediately upon entering found a jinkin gremlin and a couple of mites beating up on the baker and her young daughter. They sprang into action, beating back the crazed fae, although Kanut scared the crowd present by casting arcane spells in their presence. Upon defeating the fae, the PCs received the message that they were wanted at Y’s temple. The crowd lined the path, gasping and whispering “They beat up a fae. They are so dead.”

Upon entering the temple, they were not in fact, so dead, as the crowd implied, but were invited in by Wise Old Man (Y’s Old Man). Wise Old Man proved to be a little crazy, but not more that most other people who claimed that they could talk for a god, in this case Y. After a roundabout conversation in which little information was given and multiple times the phrase “Third base!” was yelled, the PCs finally figured out why they were called. Something in the forest was affecting the fae in the area, and Y wanted it stopped.

The PCs exited the temple to the amazement of the crowd. The crowd’s amazement turned to anger when Fligga pointed out that the Black Hood was stealing from them. The crowd’s rage quickly knocked out the Black Hood, and he woke up with some valuables missing. The PCs proceeded into the forest down the path that Wise Old Man gave them. As they were traveling, they noticed many of the typical dangers of the forest would come up to them but back off, suddenly subdued. What they were not expecting however, was a pair of grigs and a brownie waiting to ambush them on the path. These fae must have been affected by something, as the PCs saw the brownies hiding, a very rare occurrence, and managed to drop the fae without too much difficulty.

The PCs finally reached a clearing in the forest with a giant machine. Upon entering, they were set upon by 2 firey humanoids with brown cloaks hiding behind the machine. They released blasts of fire trying to drop the PCs, while another caster showed up from the other side of the machine, and he looked to drop the PCs in another way. By dropping them into a pit. The initial casting of the spell created a pit that trapped Fligga. The Black Hood, in one of his many acrobatic tricks, tried to avoid falling into the pit, but also fell victim. Elias moved next to the pit hoping to catch the enemy caster in the furthest part of his range, but also found himself face planted into the bottom of the pit. Lucifer found it hard to hit this mage for some reason, but in the end, Lucifer showed who the mage should’ve put in the bottom of the pit as his last blow instantly killed the mage.

The Black Hood spent time identifing the machine and found out how to disable it. The party was able to scavenge some cold iron from the machine, an excellent find in case the PCs would ever find themselves fighting fae again. But of course, Tolston’s fae tend to be tricksters. Why would they ever need to worry about fighting them again?



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