Redcap's Corner Pathfinder

Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink

Characters: Iyad, Kijiki, Lior, Oric, Sander, Iyad
GM: Shawn Bonsky

Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink.
A request came in to the office and in particular the desk of the ever charming Sir Derrick Hammersham recently. The request was badly water damaged and almost illegible and required many minutes of scrutiny to decipher. Sir Derrick in his wisdom sent out a call for seasoned adventurers to deal with this were-sea that was harassing the decent people of Duke ¿d±¿q¿ ¬¿°a¿. Seeing as how the destination was near Smallish, King Kijiki and his trusted manservant Sander were assigned the task in a bid to improve their relations with surrounding countries.

On their arrival in Smallish the group learned that their destination lay somewhere in the Emptylands to the north of Smallish. They set out immediately for the cave where Dustbringer, the legendary axe, was said to dwell. The cave was full of nasty monsters of course, and of course those monsters met their fate at the hands of Sander and the eager young recruit Lior. In the far reaches of the subterrane their dwelt a twisted gnome, the owner of Dustbringer. Long years of abstaining from water had evidently wrecked his mind as well as his body and the adventurers were forced to slay the wretch. Iyad, one of the bravest halflings i have ever met, took it upon himself to be the wielder of the cursed axe, for indeed Dustbringer would not allow its possessor to drink any water and in fact it forced Iyad to destroy all water nearby.

After securing the blighted hatchet they set out for the lands of Duke ¿d±¿q¿ ¬¿°a¿ in the land to the north of the Emptylands. The dukes men were sorely pressed and near defeat when Iyad hefted his star-crossed blade and strode out mightily in the were-sea. It was a fearsome battle and Iyad was forced back to solid land a few times, but in the end right won over might and the were-sea was destroyed and our mithral guardians were the heroes of the day. The Duke was pleased with their performance and threw a feast in their honor, but they declined stating they had pressing business in Baltis.



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