Redcap's Corner Pathfinder

Smallish Fish

Characters: Kay, Kijiki, Lucifer Sanchez, X, the Assassin, Xain
GM: Shawn Bonsky

A young group of adventurers were called to the offices of the Hill Kingdoms cultural attaché’s office. There they were briefed by senior diplomat and world renowned warrior Sir Derrick Hammersham. Evidently, the king of Smallish had run into a problem pertaining to his loyal piscine pal. Sir Derrick had chosen some of the best and brightest for this most illustrious mission, and all met the challenge with brave resolve.

After an uneventful trip to Smallish the adventurers were met by the king in person. Evidently previous reports of the king being a kindly and supporting monarch were wrong, for he greeted the adventurers with cruelty and a vicious temperament. He claimed his pet goldfish had fallen into the fountain nearby and that he had called the mightiest of the Guard to Smallish, not for any true quest but rather so that he may delight himself by watching the heroes of Baltis flounder in a fountain, chasing a fish. To demonstrate his abject inhumanity, the king then had a nearby Zyr executed so that he could repose himself on the head of the poor man. This was too much for the honourable Kijiki and Kay and they cried out that the tyrant must needs be slain. They immediately dispatched the despot to the cheers of the other guards.

The populace of Smallish was overjoyed at the prospect of new leadership and were in the process of gathering walnuts for a great feast when some terrible horse-like creatures came stampeding into the grove, causing a great commotion and destroying many trees. A farmer was almost knocked over and the farmer’s son was brought near to the edge of crying. The heroes rushed to the grove and a titanic battle was had. On one side were the valiant king and queen of Smallish and their Mithral Guard cohorts. Facing them were fearsome four legged beasts that bellowed forth smoke and made a terrible cacophony with their hooves. Lucifer proved his mettle in the battle against the monsters, slaying two of them and their powerful champion by his own self. The battle waged for what seemed like an eternity with the outcome always unsure. For a while it would seem like the gallants were doomed to failure and then Lucifer or X would make some fortuitous strike and turn the tide in their favour. In the end, after all the monsters lay slain, only four of the Guard still stood, as Lucifer and X lay bleeding amongst the dead on the battlefield. By some divine providence they did not pass away in that grove where they had exhibited such bravery against nigh insurmountable odds.

The monsters dead and the tyrant king deposed, the five warriors felt their job was done, and so they returned to Baltis.



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