Redcap's Corner Pathfinder

Return to Waldon Mountain

Characters: Daa Smith, Fligga Aningsdotter, Jimmy Black, Juan Draper, Leokas Gellantra, Singéd Brough, Sir
GM: Adam Friedman

Lord Barrister Lucas von Frownley of the Mithral Guard sent Daa Smith, Fligga Aningsdotter, Jimmy Black, Leokas Gellantra, Juan Draper, Singéd Brough, and Sir to Lijden to deliver a secret message to Lord Hamells while at the wedding of Ser Walter Waldon and Lady Alice Jost.

After “helping” an old farmer and his sons during a terrible storm, the group made their way to the wedding where they learned Lord Hamells had fallen ill during his travels. After bribing their way into the castle to see the sickly Hamells, they found they could not deliver their message nor get a reply as Lord Hamells was feverish and dying. Leokas, Singéd, and Sir stayed to take care of Lord Hamells while the rest of the group went to try and find out what happened to him.

The following morning, Fligga, Juan, and Jimmy volunteered to look for the sealed message that went missing in the night, so they could deliver it as instructed. They “found” it in the stables under the hoof of a large warhorse, and as it had been crushed and the seal broken they took a peek at the letter, learning of the threat of a vaerguhl at the wedding. As they returned to the castle they encountered what could only be the work of this vaerguhl, Lord Fendrel Preston’s throat was torn out and his face and body were covered with claw marks.

After learning what they could about vaerguhls, Juan, Singéd, and Fligga used alchemical and divine means to root out the creature and found that the vaerguhl was one of the bride’s brothers, Ser Bromm Jost, sworn sword to the elder Lord Waldon, father of the groom and ruler of Castle Waldon. Instead of attacking Lord Waldon’s knight, the group gathered what information they could on Ser Bromm and vaerguhls in general, sent for a healer to care for the dying Lord Hamells, and spread rumours among the servants that Ser Bromm was a flesh-eating monster before leaving to report back to Lord Barrister Lucas von Frownley, but not before Daa could make a fool of himself in a joust with none other then Ser Bromm. On the road away from the castle, they found the body of the messenger they sent to get a healer.



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