Redcap's Corner Pathfinder

Redcap Cornered

Characters: Daa Smith, Gaunt Lawson, Müjin, Necrawl, Valentine
GM: Benn Roe

The Mithral Guard was called upon by Arcania University‘s Suku Futsutsuka Migoto of Gaiku Senjo to rescue his daughter, who had been abducted from her bedroom the previous afternoon. They were dispatched by seeker Anisah Rahimah as quickly as possible and arrived late at night to begin investigating. Rahimah had warned them that the kidnapper had asked for Daa Smith by name, and sure enough the kidnapper’s note read “bring me Daa Smith of Mithral Guard or Esa dies,” signed the Blood Red Poet. After grilling Migoto for details, the guardians decided to investigate Esa’s room, at which point they found a huge weapon-made gash in the wall beneath the window through which she was taken. Upon further inspection, they found an inscription in the gash, which read “through the forest / and to the eye of the cave / your dreams will hunt you,” and accompanied the image of an open eye. This inscription, like the note, was written in a luminescent red ink.

The guardians got the name of a ranger named Mokai from Suku Migoto and paid him a visit. He told them all he could about the Waking Eye and how to get there, warning them that physics don’t always apply in the Eye and pleading with them to trust their imaginations more than their senses. He also provided them with a compass before sending them on their way. Before heading into the forest that would take them to the Waking Eye, they stopped at a tavern called the Weeping Pixie to ask around with regard to the Blood Red Poet. Finding no help, they entered the woods.

After an hour or so in the woods, the guardians were ambushed by a pair of leprechauns named Seamus and Aloysius, who tried to run off with the compass, but were ultimately pacified by some recently purchased booze. The leprechauns had heard of the Blood Red Poet, calling him Flannagan Taog, and explaining that “blood red poet” was simply the common translation for the aklo name Flannagan Taog.

Upon reaching the edge of the forest, the guardians quickly realized they had entered the Waking Eye and everything was strange but at the same time curiously familiar. They began by following a red brick path and ended up riding on the back of a flying whale. Necrawl crawled down through the whale’s blowhole and soon everyone was standing on a gigantic whale tongue. Here the guardians met and fought a very bad dog named Timothy (and sometimes Franklin) who claimed both to be the protector of the dream realm and its destroyer. He had a nasty bite and a disposition for disappearing, but the guardians managed to get the better of him. Shortly thereafter they realized that the whale’s mouth was actually a cave, which they entered. Inside the cave, the guardians encountered a blindheim who seemed curiously intelligent, but who leapt over them in pursuit of food after briefly blinding Gaunt.

In this cave, Daa Smith began to get the feeling that his history was being erased and that maybe he was really Daa Brown. Many of the guardians’ hopes and fears seemed, in fact, to be materializing in one form or another, leading ultimately to the falling of the guardians through a gigantic hourglass. At the base of this hourglass, they found a door guarded by a voidworm. They defeated and captured the protean and made their way through the door into another cave. At the end of this cave they finally encountered Flannagan Taog, the Blood Red Poet, and managed to rescue Esa Migoto from his clutches. From Taog they learned that someone was after a sample of Daa Smith‘s blood, and had hired him to extract it. Though he had failed in doing so, he had proven himself a worthy adversary, and the guardians recommended he get in touch with the Mithral Guard to see about enlisting. They returned Esa safely and did much to repair the Guard’s standing with the Suku-Ru of Arcania University.



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