Redcap's Corner Pathfinder

Intro to Illus

Characters: Daa Smith, Gaunt Lawson, Kijiki, Necrawl
GM: Shawn Bonsky

Intro to Illus.
Evidently some of our fellow guards think its funny to make up stories about adventures in the Hill Kingdoms. Let it be known that the author of this article finds the story told to be highly doubtful and that the country in question “Illus” is not to be found on any maps and there are no mentions of it in any of the historical annals.

Supposedly, Daa Smith, Gaunt Lawson, Kijiki, and Necrawl all earned themselves seats of honor at some grand feast in a tiny do nothing kingdom. They arrived in the middle of the night and were provided elaborate clothes by their mysterious hosts. Sure, Kijiki is a king (of a hill kingdoms territory? does that count?) and Daa and Gaunt did make an adequate showing at the recent games, but a midnight carriage ride to some castle to meet a king? Whatever.

So according to these scoundrels, everyone was illusionary, except some people were not. So yeah, do with that what you will. For some reason that was not clearly explained they ventured into the dungeons and rescued a small boy (again, where is this boy Gaunt is talking about?) and found the dead body of Gretchen Shaeblade. Now I know its great to have Gretchen back and that even she says she went to his magical kingdom of illusions and was trapped in their dungeon, but really guys? I’ve heard some excuses for dying in unreasonable places but this one is pretty flimsy.

Eventually they “got out” with the help of some girl who got them to put all their hard-earned in a pot which she conveniently burned, thus erasing any hope of them proving their foray into the “dreaded lands of Illus”.



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