Redcap's Corner Pathfinder

Horses and Frogs and Walnuts, Oh My!

Characters: Kay, Kijiki, Lazlo Wilcox Buford, XIII, Sander, X, the Assassin
GM: Shawn Bonsky

Horses and Frogs and Walnuts, Oh My!

Kijiki decided to return to his kingdom, Smallish, and deal with the 4 legged beasts that were terrorizing his peasants. He brought with him an oddball crew assigned to him by the brilliant tactician Sir Derrick Hammersham. On their arrival most of them partook of the feast offered up to their returning king and they immediately set out to the lair of the monsters. The lair held many mysteries including an evil witch, a king of monsters, and even an ogre behind a curtain! Sadly, X, the assassin fell to the witches charms in the dark depths of the cavern. Funeral services will be held on next Alsday. Sander proved himself a capable fighter and defeated all the forces almost singlehandedly, aided only by the insightful planning of Kijiki. In the end it turned out that some of the monsters were in fact friendly horses that simply desired a pillow to lie on and Kijiki, the ever graceful king, decided to pardon their offenses and gave them jobs in his kingdom so that they might live productive lives.



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